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How to attract the world’s most valuable spenders

CryptoReward is the “how” in how to attract the world’s biggest spenders and earn their loyalty. For good. It’s a fact, 88% of millennials want to own cryptocurrency yet only 4% have any. We’re here to change that.


 Crypto made easy

Cryptocurrency can be hard to buy, risky and time consuming. Not anymore. CryptoRewards makes cryptocurrency easy to get, risk-free to own, and takes no time at all. Just three clicks:


1) Get the extension


2) Go shopping


3) Get free bitcoin at checkout


Five ways that CryptoRewards is a millennial magnet:

  1. 3-click sign-up

  2. Free bitcoin

  3. A stake in the digital currency future

  4. Aligns with their digital world

  5. Redefines the meaning of loyalty programs for a digital generation


 CryptoRewards is an everyone magnet.

It’s for everyone. CryptoRewards.com isn’t just a redefinition of loyalty programs for millennials, it’s a redefinition for every demographic and for all of the same reasons. It’s easy, simple, risk-free and very rewarding.


CryptoRewards. Easy for them, easy for you.

CryptoRewards approved vendors don’t have to do anything. All loyalty bonusses are automatically converted to cryptocurrency and fulfilled by Cryptorewards. We do the work, you get the loyalty.

Simply approve CryptoRewards to your affiliate program and become part of the crypto revolution.

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