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How it Works


1) Get your CryptoRewards web browser extension here


2) Go shopping. When you’re on a partner site, your CryptoRewards extension will pop up. Click on it and…


3) Get free bitcoin at checkout

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Our Retailers

Get free Bitcoin when you make an online purchase with any of our 1,000+ partners/retailers.


Our Mission: Crypto in Every Home

Every day the world gets more digital and the need for Cryptocurrency grows. CryptoRewards were created to bring cryptocurrency to all. It removes cost, risk and hassle and makes you an investor every time you shop.

These are not reward points, but real crypto currency that you own. Just shop online as you normally do, using the CryptoRewards browser extension and bam! – you are a member of the cryptocurrency revolution in just 3 clicks, for free.

Earn it. Own It. Keep it. Spend it.

Once the Bitcoin in your wallet reaches a value of $500, we’ll notify you and you can decide to keep it and build on your investment or spend it. It really is as easy as that!


Safe. Easy. Free. Bitcoin.

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